Hi, there! I’m, Jeni Founder of dearjeni. I’m a designer, stylist and entrepreneur, and Mommy to my little girl who we call Princess Audreyna she is most dramatic with the most angelic infectious personality, her intelligent little self assured attitude fills my heart. I also have a wonderful supporting husband who ‘gets’ my all my passions and idiosyncrasies. His favorite line is “ I will never be bored!” Between my great group of Friends and Family they are always cheering me on through love and support. Bar none they are a constant inspiration and keep me grounded and successful.

Before founding dearjeni, I operated and owned a nail and day spa. I studied at FIT in both fine art and fashion illustration,but I’ve always had a passion for parties, – party decor in particular. I love throwing them, planning them, thinking about them, attending them, and offering advice to others on how to have their own.

My Grandmother and both Mom and Dad have incredible cooking & entertaining talent. You could probably say that it runs in our family.

There is nothing better than creating some eye candy to feast your eyes during that special day.

The Idea for DEARJENI

The year I was pregnant with my baby girl in 2011, I realized that I had to make my baby shower just nothing short of fabulous. I happily jumped at the chance to design and get all the ideas together with my Mom. It also distracted me from my high-risk pregnancy so that was a definite plus!

The shower was a epic success with lots of friends and family asking me all about the details. I started getting lots of questions from guests that wanted to know where I bought such-­‐and-­‐such, how I came up with the ideas for centerpieces, décor, where to get dessert recipes,etc. Now that I was a SAHM I started thinking how I would launch a business that I could help others plan an event as I did. I love things that give that extra WOW effect. Anything glittery, or with added sparkle and add Pink and more pink! Besides what doesn’t look better with some bling?!?


The meaning behind the name dear jeni is because I am so versatile in many different loves. I get many inquires on different subjects I have passion for. Art, décor staging, crafting, event etiquette, interior design, desert, food … the list goes on.. This blog is where I will share recipes, tutorials/DIYs, inspiration for party ideas, my own styled events/DOC services, real parties ‘in a box’ created by dear jeni, upcylced shabby chic furniture rentals, cake and dessert stand rentals for hire. I love all things vintage, organic, distressed, pink and pretty. Photography & flowers are another obsession of mine along with cooking and baking and creating!

Thank you for joining me here . If you would like to inquire on any of my services or have any fabulous recipes, tips, parties, or DIYs to share I’d love to hear from you. To contact me, please email dearjeniC@gmail.com I hope to keep inspiring you! <3