Magical Creation Unicorn Theme

“In a field of horses be a Unicorn” – That is definitely the best way to describe my daughter. Perfect example here on her birthday as everyone wore Unicorn headbands that I crafted she had to wear her tiara.

This year was geared for thinking about the mystical unicorn and creativity. The imagination of this child is starting to flourish at the age of 6 and I can already tell she will soar with ideas.

Here are some of our party ideas and images – vendor credits will be listed on the bottom.

Each favor bag was crafted by myself, none were alike so no fighting girls 😉

Here are some of the crafts we incorporated for this party –
Pencil Water colors

String your own candygum ball necklace for your unicorn

Make your own Magical glitter confetti bottles

No party is complete without a game – What is more perfect than ‘Pin the horn on the Unicorn’

The BIG surprise for the event was to have a real life white UNICORN come – but instead we got a pony unicorn due to the weather apparently the white unicorn couldn’t fly in the rain as we had some issues that day with showers. In the end I don’t think the girls minded the pony unicorn and even stuck through it all cold and wet – excited as ever!

The expression on my daughter’s face was priceless!

I hope you enjoyed this themed event as much as we did!

Unicorn Strawberry’s – with love by Mom
Cookies & Push Pops Flour Blossom Bakery
Unicorn Cake & Oreos – Marlenes creative side
Unicorn chocolate bark & Pearl Gumballs – Sweeties Candy Cottage
Gold Trays – Maison dubonbon
Graphic art & Pin the horn – Annoucing You
Art Supplies – Picasso Kidz
Unicorn Name – NothingPanda
Custom Unicorn dress – Sweet Annies Boutique
Photography – CMC photography & Kelvin Photo
Unicorn horns , Unicorn favor bags, Event planning and Styling – dear jeni
Unicorn plates and napkins, straws – Amazon
Unicorn plush stuff animals – Amazon
Spiral Unicorn horn balloons – Balloons
Tent – Chance of Showers
Unicorn Pony – Dream Catcher Pony Parties

Something to be Thankful for

This year as hard as it was for our family personally. We had a lot of losses this year so unexpected. I was not going to let that get in the way of traditional Thanksgiving. I still did our typical fixings and made my  Spiced – Cured Turkey just as Martha explains here. It happens to be my favorite recipe. The only thing I do admittedly do with this recipe is I will cut back on the portion of the salt by almost 1/2 as I am not a lover of that and try not to avoid it at all costs.

Our table definitely was not as elaborate as had in the previous years but it still was a pretty tablescape.2015-11-26 15.15.03


 20151126_135800 20151126_135253

I never know what flower will strike my mood, I just walk into a florist see what flowers they have that I think will work and home come and create.


All of my dinnerware was found by antiquing and I have been by collecting by stalking craig’s list, IG accounts, ebay and thrift stores. This year’s find was the bread plate. The images are hard to see in the photograph but they were gold foil swirls. As luck would have it anything gold foil is trending. 20151126_135441

Ofcourse we cannot forget Ellie the Elf that comes out each year on Thanksgiving. Look closely to spot her 😉IMG_20151126_140213

I can still say we are truly blessed regardless of this years heartaches and loss. We have such wonderful support group from our family and friends. Our daughter is the Greatest gift of all and that is all I can ask for ♥ Happy Thanksgiving from Ours to Yours!

A mixture of spooky and sweet


What is trending? #SugarSkulls. This year I gave our theme a bit of  a festive feminine edge for our Halloween ‘Spook-caular’ event with Candy Corn colors and Sugar Skulls.   After all I cannot really spook the kids at 4 & 5  years old with real creepy goblins and goolish treats.  I would say this was a perfect compromise with lots of fun traditions from the previous years.


Some of our activities included, decorating pumpkins , doughnut string game, Halloween egg hunt with festive prizes for the occasion inside, bobbing for apples, halloween Tattoos, and a special appearance from Raggedy Ann from Clowing around town which was super symbolic to me this year 😉

IMG_5354  IMG_5376

IMG_5369 IMG_5393

IMG_20151101_151325_panorama-2 IMG_5397

and of course we cannot forget about the snacks and treats! Lots of laughs and was enjoyed by all!

  halloween 2015 event images3


If you would like the free download for the candy corn print paper Click here.

If you would like the free download for the pumpkin candy corn cheese stickers for laughing cow Click here.

If you would like the “Keep Calm and Eat Candy Corn” sign click there —> Courtsey of Juggling act mama.



All cupcakes were made by myself and were gluten free and organic.

 halloween 2015 event images1

The cookie witch hats was an idea I saw on pintrest, however they were all milk and or dark chocolate that I saw, and I thought why not make it white chocolate to match the stripes on the cookies. The red velvet cookie was my daughter’s idea instead of the typical coco color on the fudge stripes. It definitely was an experiment.

 halloween 2015 event images2


Our little goolish guests were given orange, silver and black bat beaded necklaces that were put on each plate and besides the sweet treats and crafts they also took home a fun pumpkin tissue surprise. That you can learn how to make yourself with this tutorial. I had to try it out the moment I ran across it because it was super adorbs from One little project at a time.


Here is a free printable for the NO TRICKS, JUST TREATS sign. Click here.

I was very busy entertaining all of our friends so please forgive me for not capturing every detail. Some of the Mommy’s were kind enough to share some shots they got from the day. Here is one of the kiddie table.


Credits: Assorted small festive cookies,  Candy Corn Marshmallows, Pumpkin Marshmallows, Chocolate eye balls – William Sonoma. Candy Corn Marshmallows dipped in Chocolate – (directions on previous post) , Devil food organic cupcakes with marshmallow frosting , coconut candy apples, clementine and celery for pumpkins, chocolate covered pretzels, witch cookie hats & chocolate sugar skull wafers  –dearjeni. Pumpkin face cheese: The laughing cow.

halloween 2015 event images


My goal next year will be to have our party weeks before so that maybe you can grab some ideas prior to Halloween. I hope you enjoyed reading about our fantabulous day!♥

The Princess Dreams

The Princess Dreams…

Audreyna (124 of 151)

And Mommy makes them come true! Before I knew it the ripe age of FOUR closed in on me pretty quickly, and without further adieu my daughter dictated the theme before I could blink my eyes. Of course it had to be no other than an Aurora Sleeping beauty tea party. The problem: the boys. How was I going to incorporate this event where it could work for both genders?   With some deliberation I figured out that I would make it so our list of boys that would be invited will  decide if they will be a Prince or a Knight for the day. Problem solved.

Many fun games like Royal ball and Knight bubbles would keep our little knights and both Prince’s entertained as the girls got dolled up at the Beauty Bar with nothing else but the royal makeup from our latest Disney Trip at the Bippity boppity boo Salon.  Each little princess sparkled with jewelry and light up rings and wands that was given.  Gems for the face , Tierra’s, Crowns for the Prince and Knight Masks were more of the fun accessories for the day for these little cuties.

Audreyna (22 of 151)Audreyna (108 of 151)


Surprisingly enough the boys even got into pouring the tea and adding fruit into the cups and china plates…


Only Secretly Mommy took a heart attack every time I watched the passing of the tea take place, not because the tea was hot. (No – I am not that stupid, it was all different flavors of organic chamomile iced tea) it was because I bought vintage teacups. My original thought was to buy all mismatched cups I would not care about, but than the control person that I am couldn’t have mismatched colors since my daughter insisted on “MAKE IT PINK”!

Everything for the event had to be shades of pink, “no blue allowed”, said the Birthday Princess. Such high opinions for such a little age don’t cha’ think? makeitpink

So the purchase of the Vintage china tea set happened at a local tag sale.


Audreyna (37 of 151) Audreyna (49 of 151)

The set I got lucky to stumble across had lovely dark pink roses and gold trim. It seemed so fitting since Sleeping Beauty’s nick name is ‘Rose’ – mixed and matched also with a light pink and gold demitasse set that I was so lucky to acquire from a beautiful bridal shower I attended some years ago. Accented with a pretty pink runner with a rose print and cushions to match was a last minute touch in the fabric store’s scrap isle.

Audreyna 152

Audreyna (29 of 151)


I thoroughly enjoyed putting this princess tea party together . It really was a perfect fit for our little sleeping beauty and nothing was more gratifying watching the reaction of our Birthday Princess upon arrival along with all of her friends as they took in all the details of this Enchanted Princess Tea Party.  The mini table that my Husband and Father put together the night before was a perfect fit to sit and sip tea on the rose DIY cushions.

Audreyna (96 of 151)


Party Highlights: Slipper Tea Cup Relay, Sand Castle Necklace Crafting


Royal Photo booth and a Fairy Godmother who told Story time in the Enchanted Woods.

Audreyna (92 of 151)

Audreyna (144 of 151)


PicMonkey Collage

Audreyna (12 of 151)

Audreyna (4 of 151)

Audreyna (6 of 151)

Audreyna (68 of 151)



Audreyna (50 of 151)




Audreyna (81 of 151)

Audreyna (76 of 151)

Audreyna (60 of 151)


Audreyna (115 of 151)

Audreyna (132 of 151)

“If you dream a thing more than once it’s sure to come true” ~ Aurora 


– event design, planning & styling: dear jeni

– name sugar cookie, cake pops, candy apples & cupcakes: Rhapsody Cakes

-cake: Shari Rosenblatt

-graphic art: Metro Events

-signs , name banner & custom stickers: Loralee Lewis

-gold dessert tray frames: Maison du Bonbon

-flowers: dearjeni

-macarons & sugar cones: Rocking horse

-I am a Princess Centerpiece: Meri Meri

-Photography: Kelvin Light Photography